Noodle Soup | Specials

*Three Flavored Curry | $15.95
Shrimp, Chicken, bamboo shoots, red & green peppers, green beans, broccoli, Thai basil simmered in a red, green, & yellow curry sauce

*Spicy Eggplant | $11.95
Eggplant, basil leaves, red & green peppers, with garlic Thai pepper sauce. Your choice of Chicken or Pork

*Spicy Catfish | $16.95
Fried catfish, kachai, peppercorn, green beans, Thai basil, red & green peppers

*Spicy Seafood | $16.95
Shrimp, Squid, mussels, scallops, green beans, bamboo shoots, Thai basil, green & red peppers

*Stir Fried Garlic | $11.95
Stir fried meat with mushrooms & green beans.  Your choice of Chicken or Beef

*Three Flavored Fish | $16.95
Fried catfish fillet with tomatoes, pineapples, cilantro, green onions, green & red peppers with a spicy tamarind sauce

*Pearl’s Bibimbap | $13.95
Steamed rice, lettuce, bean sprouts, cucumber, carrots, green onions, fried egg, cilantro, jalapeno, & Sriracha. Your choice of Chicken or Beef

*Yellow Curry Noodles | $14.95
Shrimp, chicken, bean sprouts, green onions, stir-fried in a creamy yellow curry sauce, topped with chopped peanuts.

Grilled Pork & Noodles| $10.95
Lemongrass flavor pork, crispy shrimp rolls, peanuts served with fresh vegetables & herbs

Thai Rama | $10.95
Broccoli, spinach, carrots made with a creamy garlic peanut sauce.  Your choice of Chicken or tofu

*Sweet & Spicy Shrimp | $12.95
Stir fired shrimp with pineapples. lychee, Thai basil, green & red peppers in a sweet and spicy sauce

Vegetable Soup

*Thai Braised Chicken | $11.95
Breaded chicken, pimeappples, broccoli, onions, red & green peppers

Noodles & Seafood | $16.95
Pan fried wide rice noodles with shrimp, squid, scallops mixed vegetables & seafood sauce

*Pho-ritto | $10.95
Thai sweet basil, vermicelli noodles, bean sprouts, chives, green onions, white onions, cilantro, jalapeno, & spicy plum jam.  Your choice of Beef or Chicken | Shrimp $12.95

*Curry Beef & Noodles | $10.95
Stew beef, egg noodles, coconut milk, white onions, bean sprouts, lemongrass, limeleaves, green onions & cilantro

*Tom Yum Shrimp | $10.95
Rice noodles, shrimp, ground pork, bean sprouts, peanuts, green onions, & cilantro

*Tom Kha Noodles | $10.95
Egg noodles, shrimp, chicken, bean sprouts, green onions & cilantro

Wonton Noodle Soup | $9.95
Egg noodles, shrimp & pork wontons, Chinese broccoli, green onions & cilantro

*Pearl’s Spicy Noodle Soup | $9.95
Clear soup with glass noodles, tofu, bean sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, green onions & cilantro.  Your choice of Chicken or Pork

Pho Beef | Vietnamese | $10.95
Vietnamese style noodles with meatballs, stew beef, sliced beef, onions, green onions, & cilantro

Pho Shrimp | Vietnamese | $11.95
Shrimp, onions, green onions, & cilantro

Pho Chicken | Vietnamese | $10.95
Chicken, onions, green onions & cilantro

Seafood Noodle Soup | $10.95
Egg noodles, shrimp, squid, fish balls, bean sprouts, green onions & cilantro

Dishes Served with Steamed White Rice | Upgrade to Brown Rice $2

*Indicates Spicy | Most dishes contain fish & oyster sauce